Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Office Project ..

I'm ashamed to post this ... Here's a peek into what was lurking in the closet of our office.

I had been planning to organize the space forever and between going through the mess, building shelves and painting its going to take weeks because I need Mr. T to work on it and I only have so much time myself.

Here's one piece of the project .... I kept buying boxes and more boxes, but never got around to actually doing anything with most of them. I didn't have enough boxes and some of the stuff was too big to fit in them. I could never find more than a couple of boxes in one color that I liked either. Frustrated, I abandoned the project. That's what I do when I don't know what to do next. ;-)

Mr. T and I had talked about what we would do in the closet. He tried to do the shelving for me while I was away so it would be all done when I got back (sweet husband!) but one shelf wasn't right. The project remained neglected.

Then, I came across some bins on sale on bins at Michaels. I found the perfect bin with blue and green stripes. One problem. They only had a couple. Over the course of the next week, I went to a different Michaels every. single. day. in search of the ever elusive bins picking some up here and there. I finally gave up and got other bins with similar colors.

Next, I spray painted all the mis-matched boxes to match the bin colors. The paper ones were easy. The fabric ones were not so easy. Rather than spray paint, I had to brush on the primer, but the spray paint worked on top of that. They didn't turn out as nice, but they work. Better than what I had before! I can always just go buy more of the paper boxes since they're pretty inexpensive. The learning experience here is this - if you can't find enough boxes in the color you want, buy them and spray paint them (but make sure they're paper boxes!

So, here are all the boxes painted to match the bins!

Next step is to go through all that mess in the first photo in addition to what you can't see on the bottom ... Ugh!

To Be Continued ...


  1. Good luck organizing the closet! The office is by far my most messy, least favorite room to organize!
    Kate @

  2. Love your painted boxes - great idea! Your office closet looks neat compared to mine! It's next on my project list - after I finish everything that people can see when they come over. Thanks for sharing!

  3. They look awesome! You did a great job.

    I have many many closets like yours, and I resent the thought of having to organize it all. You're a brave soul!

  4. The closet will look so fabulous. Like the idea of painting the boxes. Some projects are more fun to work on like (furniture or walls, steps). But organizing a closet is not my favorite thing. Have a nice week. Sandi


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