Friday, September 18, 2009

New Wreaths

I went to Michaels today to buy materials to make some new wreaths. I think the time for my shell wreaths is over. I picked up a few things, then found these feather wreaths ...

I hesitated since I wanted these for outside even though they would be in completely protected area. I also thought they wouldn't stand out much on the black doors. Then, I noticed the price - 60% off! that meant $8 each. I couldn't resist. I definitely couldn't make what I originally thought of that inexpensively. I think they will at least work until Halloween.

Tomorrow is flea market day. I'm sure I won't be coming away empty handed! Oh, and one more thing ... I mentioned a few weeks ago that I wouldn't be blogging as much because I was working hard trying to get a bonus at work. I've worked like mad and managed to catch up. I just need to maintain for two more weeks. Now I just need to decide on what to do with the bonus!

Have a good weekend!


  1. 60% off??? That's awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by today, commenting and becoming a follower. Hope you have a good weekend...

  2. The wreaths look great. Can't beat the price and their perfect for that in between holidays/seasons time.
    Have a fun time shopping!

  3. I love these!!! Great find and the price is great too! I may be making a trip to Michael's myself! ;)

  4. They look wonderful and the price is fabulous. I may have to go get one. Hugs, Marty

  5. The feather wreath is an unexpected delight on your door. I think it looks fabulous.

  6. I love a bargin, especially when it is as cool as your feather wreath. It looks perfect on your door - very Halloweeny. Lori

  7. I love your feather wreath and hope you will post it to my Wed party Celebrate the Holidays.



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