Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This is the time of year when my garden has pretty much faded, all the colored leaves have fallen and everything starts looking sad. Thank goodness for the holidays to bring some cheer because looking outside at the dreary yard becomes depressing especially on a day like today when it is cold and raining.

Well, I happened upon these photos for extending the growing season just a little bit longer. Below are azaleas and hydranges that have been forced to bloom indoors.

Don't they look like snowballs? And dusty miller below. I have pots with other plants that have faded, but the dusty miller is still alive despite the lower temperatures.

(Both Images - Sunset)

I love the white pots and the frosty looking plants. I may have to try this sometime.

Speaking of gardening ... I decided a while back to pursure a Horticulture degree. I decided not to attend in fall because I had too much going on and the only class that worked with my schedule was intro Spanish - hardly appealing to a latina who while not fluent, can pass such a class in her sleep. I decided to wait to take something that I could gain knowledge from. I've also always wanted to take a belly dancing class and it just so happens that I got a catalog in the mail for a local class. Very excited about that as well!

Two days until Thanksgiving!

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  1. If I had it to do over, I would have done the same thing. I so love gardening and plants. So interesting to learn about them! My dusty miller is one of my very favorites due to its moonlight color and deep texture! I wish you the best on this new venture!


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