Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home

The holiday weekend was fantastic, but there's nothing like being home. Even my girls seem just so happy to be home.

For the first time, both my girls were taking naps away from home. This gave me an opportunity to go out with Mr. T to do a little treasure hunting at a couple of my favorite junk stores. A few things I picked up ...

The two silver plated trivets ($3 each) and the silver plated tray ($5 new in box). The little tree was from the dollar store and the taper candle holders were previous thrift store acquisitions.

Its hard to see, but the trivets have a monogram that I think is an "M" which is fine for me, but I'll consider it a "W" since that's our family name.

The tray, though brand new, was completely tarnished. I polished it some, but not completely. The tarnish is interesting. Its actually irridescent.

Faux-mercury glass votive holders ($.50 each).

I believe this is a teapot, but I'm going to use it for water. ($3.50)

And, this silver plated butter knife ($1). I like how it stands on its side ...

... but the handle is flat so you can see the pretty detail.

I picked up a few other things that I'll try to post later on in the week.


  1. wow! i cannot believe the amazing things you found, and the even more amazing prices you paid! all of that stuff would be double, probably triple at my local thrift stores! i love everything, especially the trivets.

  2. What great finds! I love the little knife too...never seen one that stands on it's side and the white rose plate is gorgeous! ~ xo Joy

  3. Pretty finds! I love to incorporate silver in my white decor!

    Happy Tuesday! ~aubrey

  4. Wow, you got some great finds! Good for you. I have a ton of silver and just love to use it during the holidays. Enjoy yours.
    XO Nancy

  5. Great finds! Your dining room is beautiful!

  6. I have the same "teapot" :) Love the decor. Very pretty and homey!

  7. I just love your findings, especially the "teapot to be used for water" Beautiful blog!


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