Sunday, November 1, 2009

Welcome November!

Here is a photo I took of my fabulous witch tights yesterday.

I took the picture with my camera phone while I was trying to get a picture to text to my parents of my girls. Unfortunately, Mr. T just couldn't get a good picture on my phone.

I was hoping to have some bathroom progress to share, but my day was hampered by going out this morning to a flat tire. Apparently, I ran over a bolt yesterday at some point. Mr. T managed to change my tire and I had brunch at a fantastic restaurant with a friend. On my way home, I had tire issues. Long story short, Mr. T forgot to tighten the bolts. Now that's a fright I could have done without!

Anyway, bathroom construction continues later in the week.


  1. All you need is your broomstick! Love the tights! Happy day after Halloween!

  2. i like your legware, my little also like your pumpkin in yesterday's post!

  3. Woo hoo! Those are some fancy looking witch tights. It looks like a fun costume.


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