Monday, January 4, 2010

Meeting with Martha

The Martha Stewart Show is having a show all about bloggers with bloggers as audience members next week - January 14th. Guess who will be in the audience with her laptop? You got it. Me!

Its going to be a very short trip since I'm only going overnight and coming home right after the show but I'm crossing my fingers and hoping to have time to hunt for a hat. I'm absolutely crazy in love with this hat from Etsy, but I feel like its somthing I'd really want to try on.

Maybe I'll have some time for Macys ...

(Photo - Flickr)
I actually grew up on Long Island and have been to New York City many, many times so its nothing new but I really do think its the greatest city in the world and never get tired of the energy there which has no equal.

They've asked that everyone bring a laptop, or other device such as a Blackberry so I'm hoping to be able to post on my facebook page during the show (on the left sidebar) and maybe even a blog post with photos from the set (which I really love) if I manage to take pictures before the show begins.

The show is on live at 10 AM where I live, but its taped and airs at other times elsewhere. So, if you happen to catch it on January 14th and they show the audience, I may just be the girl with the hat.


  1. I envy you! We haven't been able to watch the show this year, as it is not aired in Canada any more. I wrote and expressed my disappointment, but no one responded... Have fun, and keep us posted.

  2. WOW!
    what a way to start the New Year..
    and with a new hat no less!!
    am so excited for you!!
    enjoy yourself!!
    warm hugs!..

  3. I will tape it and then look for you when I watch it. I love the hat! Have a fun time.

  4. That is sooooo fun! I too am jealous and hope that you'll be able to post before/during the show. LOVE the hat!

  5. oh lucky girl! that sounds fabulous... i love martha.

  6. OOooo! I am so excited to read your news, Melanie! I will be in the audience, too. Maybe there are some thrift stores near her studio that we can hit. ; )

  7. Colleen,
    Its thanks to you that I even knew about the show! I follow you on facebook and that's how I found out about it. I went back and forth deciding to go, but now that I'm going to go, its become a fantastic trip. Thank you, thank you!

  8. I will have to DVR the show - I don't know if ours is LIVE or the recorded ones. Thanks for letting us know. I caught a "blogger themed" Martha Stewart show last year just as it was near the end and wished I had caught all of it.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  9. Hi Melanie - just catching up on your posts. What a blast! Have a fun and safe trip! Let us know when it airs and I'll be watching for you! ;) How exciting!



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