Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Flowers and a Sewing Machine

Years ago my dad (the retired sanitation worker) found one of those old Singer sewing machines you see everywhere but the mechanism was missing so he just added a piece of wood to the top. He gave it to me at some point. When I moved to my house, I painted the top black and have used it as an entry table ever since. Its rusted over the years so it needs a new coat of paint this spring.

I placed a milk glass lamp that was a Christmas gift on top. I love the switch on the lamp of all things. Reminds me of a skeleton key and is so easy to turn compared to the boring turning knob-type switches on some lamps.

I was in the grocery store today and planned to pick up bunches of white carnations to replace the red carnations I've had since before Christmas that are only now fading. As I stood there looking at the case of flowers, I picked up spray roses instead. I did my own flowers for my wedding and made some enormous arrangements with white spray roses that had hints of green. I ordered way too many flowers so that's why the arrangements were so large, but they were beautiful.

So, there you have it. A little reminder of my spring wedding on this frigid January day.


  1. My grandparents had several of those milk glass lamps with the "key" switch! I loved those lamps; I wish I knew what happened to them! So pretty!

    I have an old Singer sewing machine too; the machine actually folds away inside so that it looks just like an ordinary side table. I use it as a bedside table in my bedroom!

  2. So pretty!! I have a collection of milk glass from my grandmother...I just love it. Sonia

  3. precious treasure! love how you decorate the croner with pretty treasures.. older Singer sewing machines are hard to find and normally would be pricey..

  4. My grandmother had a Singer machine with a treadle. We used to play with the treadle for hours. She has been gone for many, many years, but last spring, I went to a party at a cousin's house and I was SO THRILLED to see my grandmother's sewing machine used as a side table in her house! Some of my grandmother's notions were still in the drawers!

  5. Love those sewing machines :) And that lamp is awesome.


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