Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Faucet

A while back I posted the Master Bath renovation that Mr. T and I did a few years ago. When we did that renovation, we chose bronze fixtures for our sink and shower. Genuine bronze fixtures are beautiful with their living finish, but out of the range of my budget at the time considering the fact that the renovation was unplanned so I chose the typical faux finishes available at the usual hardware stores. Big mistake. In a matter of weeks after installing them, the finish was ruined. I don't use abrasive cleaners but the finish on these fixtures couldn't even handle even a single pin-sized drop of hand soap or a drip of toothpaste on them without the clear coat flaking off. This meant that the fixtures constantly looked dirty. I developed an intense hatred for them, but replacement wasn't high on the priority list since they were brand new.

A few weeks ago, we finally replaced it with good old fashioned, durable chrome.

I searched everywhere for something with porcelain knobs and the pickings were slim. During my search I even heard another shopper asking an employee for a faucet with the same porcelain knobs. I thought to myself, "Good luck dude." The selection for anything chrome was limited. These days brushed nickel and bronze are "in" so poor classic chrome is the step-sister not invited to the party. Despite wishing I could have had a better selection, I'm far happier with my shiny chrome fixtures than the peeling ugly bronze mess I had before. Just check me out with my camera on the shiny spout! I was hoping the shower would be an easy fix, but it appears that will require a plumber so that will have to wait as will the sink drain which requires dismantling the entire pedestal sink.

Oh, and I picked up this little hobnail milk glass jar in a little antique store in Delaware over the summer. Its the perfect place for me to leave my jewelry at night.

I've been meaning to do some projects, but I just feel like hibernating with this cold weather. My girls have been keeping me busy and when they nap, I'm more inclined to curl up under a warm blanket and read a book or take a nap myself rather than pull out paint and tools. I have a whole year to do these things, right?


  1. Hello Melanie, it has been a while since I have been over to comment. I think a nice warm blanket, book and then a nap sounds great. Soon it will be Spring and we will be rested and ready to go with the paint brushes and hammer. Have a nice day. Hugs to the little girls. Sandi

  2. Love the faucet and the beautiful hobnail milk glass jar. I just don't think you can beat chrome. So easy to clean and I do agree that bronze gets water spots and boy is that a mess. A nap sounds wonderful. Have a super day. Hugs, Marty

  3. I didn't know that about the bronze fixtures - we are getting ready for a remodel - will have to keep it in mind , thanks !
    Love the style you chose - a classic !

  4. We have the same faucet. I'm loving the little jar..

  5. I love the faucet you chose. I'm curious as to why you chose chrome over brushed nickel. We will be replacing our taps in our bathroom soon and I can't decide which way to go as I've seen taps I like in both finishes. I definitely will steer clear of oil-rubbed bronze after your experience. Do you think chrome will be easier to clean than brushed nickel?

  6. Gorgeous faucet and gorgeous hobnail!!
    So happy to find your blog.

  7. Grace, I wanted a more classic style faucet and brushed nickel is a more modern style. I've come across old vintage faucets with chrome/porcelain and always loved them and that's what I was looking for. In terms of cleaning, I'm not sure about brushed nickel. I have chrome in all my bathrooms now. I have a brushed nickel fixture in my kitchen and I haven't had any problems with it. It seems a lot more durable than the bronze I had.


  8. We replaced our faucets with these very ones as part of our (now, thankfully, almost finished) sell-this-house-and-buy-another adventure, and I love them! I only wish we'd made all these little changes for ourselves, and not waited until we were putting the house on the market. We'll have had 3 months to enjoy our house in it's all-dressed-up state when we finally move next month - sad, really, when you know we've lived here over 4 years!

    So, what I'm trying to say is: good for you for making these changes now, while you can enjoy them, instead of waiting.

    And the milk glass? Sweet!!



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