Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard in Progress

I posted the red I added to my dining room for Valentine's Day and thought I'd share my living room. I wish I could do more but we're snowed in and shopping isn't an option.

My "nook" with a bit of red ...

I don't think I've ever shown a full picture of my Ikea Ektorp so here it is in its full glory. I LOVE my couch. The wooden train was a recent Ikea purchase for my little one's birthday. I love wooden toys and was happy to find them at Ikea.

One more shot of red with the blanket on the chair. I have 3 of those Indian-style blankets and my kids love them. They're very warm.

The view from my front window. See the snow plastered to the window? Its pretty much been snowing sideways here.

I love snow, but I could do without the wind. I'm starting to get cabin fever and I'm running out of things to do that don't require going out. I'm starting to gain weight from just sitting around and eating. I think I'll go bake some brownies now ...


  1. You must be getting tired of it by now! Normally we get quite a bit where I am from (Northern Ontario) however we have been lucky this winter and don't have much. Although I keep telling myself that Old Man Winter isn't done with us yet I'm sure!

  2. I love the red accents! Hmmm...brownies sound great right about now! Stay warm!

  3. I have been coveting an Ektorp sofa for a while now. Hopefully, this year will be the year!

    We are in the middle of sideways snow, too!


  4. I hear ya ... we too are snowed in, 5 foot icicles hanging from every surface.

    The wind has plastered our windows with snow, it's surreal.

    And it is STILL snowing...

  5. I like how you added the red to your room! Looks like a great sofa to relax on during this winter weather! We are also getting sideways snow and it is still coming down :)

  6. OH I love your home. Your small touches of red are lovely. Everything is just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  7. The Ektorp sofa looks so cozy, especially with the pop of red on it. I've admired those sofas for awhile now.

    What a wicked snow storm. At least you don't have to go out in it.

  8. i love that bird cage! and everything looks so nice!

  9. Love your spots of red. And your pretty living room.

  10. Everything looks lovely! I love your ektorp too! ;) I wish my living room looked pretty like yours!

    I've had enough of the snow too! I think we'll be shoveled out by spring!


  11. I love the pops of red, and the sun streaming in the window.

    Imagine how the early settlers must've felt, snowed in for weeks at a time - and nowhere much to go when they did manage to dig out! Hang in there, this too shall pass.


    p.s. That birdcage? Bliss!

  12. I adore the look of your living room - it suits my sensibilities exactly! Gorgeous pops of red, that birdcage, the white couch and pillows...yum!

    We're snowed in too, though my daughter and I made a mad dash to the thrift store and Michaels before the 2nd storm pounced. Take care! Miki

  13. Your touches of red are just perfect! I love my Ikea couch too.


  14. Looks great for Valentines Day! Do you live in the DC area? We are in MD and we know what ya mean about the blizzard!

  15. I just love your room. The wall color with all the white - - it's just beautiful. Love the pops of red here and there also


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