Friday, February 12, 2010

The Office Project

Well, the snow is melting, but our street is pretty much impassible without AWD/4WD and Mr. T had to take my car to work so I'm still stranded here at home. I can't go out until tomorrow for things I need to continue on my laundry room so I thought I'd share what I'm planning for our office which is the next project on my list.

In addition to cabinets for my laundry room, I think I'm going to pick up this bookcase at Ikea with glass doors for some additional storage.

I originally chose a paint sample called Balmy Seas by Behr, but after testing it on the wall, Mr. T noted that it was a little too bright for a room that we'd need to work in and he reminded me of how schools are painted calmer colors so people can concentrate. I have so much light blue in the house, but I had to agree with him so I've chosen a still-bright but slightly toned down Cool Jazz instead.

We also desperately need some shelving. There were some shelves in our laundry room that were probably a couple of the original closet doors from our bedroom closets. I really think they made surprisingly strong shelves with all the junk we'd piled on them. They're also very long and deeper than most shelves so I think they'd be better for our storage challenges. I might clean them up, spruce them up with some trim and hang them over the desk.

As usual, I'd love something beautiful like a chandelier, but it gets hot in all the rooms on our second floor despite the fact that we have central air, so a ceiling fan is the only option. The room is very small so my options are pretty limited here unfortunately.

We have a nice Pottery Barn corner desk and lateral file, but other than that, the room is in desperate need of additional storage and organization. This is Mr. T's space at the moment and I just keep the door closed right now. I'll probably be working here full-time at some point and I simply can't work will all the distracting "stuff" around. I'm totally in love with the furniture though. It was a smart investment for us. Also, I can't wait to banish the tan paint which does nothing to brighten up this dark room.

I do admit though, that I tend to dump things here like gifts. See the pink Valentine's Day bags for my girls? You should have seen this room during Christmas.

The office and laundry room were my 2 big projects for the year and I'd love to get them both done before spring fever strikes so I can spend more time in my garden.

Have a good weekend!


  1. just saw this desk tonight @ pottery barn...way cool. the color you've chosen will look great!

  2. ooo! I was going to ask where you got the desk. I love it. And that color is perfect.

  3. I agree that room needs to lose the tan wall paint. The furniture is great. I remember Cobi Ladner, the editor of Canadian House and Home saying she had a small room in the basement that she used as a place that she could store and wrap gifts - doesn't that sound heavenly. Around Christmas time I can hardly get into our closet or open the drawers of my dresser as that is where we store the gifts.

  4. Grace, that DOES sound heavenly! We barely have enough storage for what we have and I try to keep things minimal but Christmas gifts are always a problem.



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