Thursday, July 29, 2010

Girl, Interrupted

Thunderstorms have interrupted my outdoor painting projects today but I did manage to finally hang my patio curtains before the thunder started only to discover this ...
Shrinkage!  I suppose its always a good idea to read the washing instructions before you actually wash items.  Oops!  They didn't all shrink, but luckily, they also weren't expensive and they give me a reason to go back to Ikea.

Check out my white floor though ... I love how its turning out.  I have quite a bit to do out there but good weather is coming so I'll be back in business tomorrow.


  1. Looks great! I like the sheers and your white floor. I cannot wait to finish my back patio but that is a project for next spring. I have already started gathering some of the items I want to put out there but have not quite decided what I want to use for curtains.

    ~ Tracy

  2. Still, it looks so serene. What a lovely idea for the porch

  3. Those are great curtains. I almost bought some for my porch but decided to re-use the ones I had from last year. I was at IKEA last weekend and they had all the new fall furniture and kitchens in!! Such a fun place even if you don't buy a thing!



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