Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hall Rug

Back in September, I ordered a rug for my hall after a little makeover of the space.  It was backordered so it was December before I received it.  I just realized that I never shared it.  
(Please ignore the wrinkles.  I need to fix the non-slip pad under the rug.)

The rug was the final piece of the puzzle and I really think it completes the space.  The paint, lighting and rug really make the space so lighter, brighter and more peaceful than it was before.

(Taken from the opposite direction from the photo above)

Last thing to do here is to paint those closet doors.  They've been that way - primed but not painted - since we moved in 7 years ago!

EDIT:  The rug is the Swedish Stripe Cotton Rug from Dash and Albert.  You can order it from them directly but I got it from Layla Grace.


  1. I love it great job! where's it from?

  2. Nice! The rug really does seem to add something special to the space!

  3. The rug is a perfect finishing touch. Thank you so much for sharing that your doors have been only primed for seven years. Sometimes I think that our house is the only place that those things happen! ha ha

  4. Oh how I love striped rugs! It's perfect for your space!

  5. I love that striped rug!! Good choice!

  6. I LOVE those D and A rugs at Layla Grayce and those dogs they pose with them LOL! Your hall looks great.

  7. Great transformation! it's really bright and pretty:)


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