Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Magical Birthday

My oldest daughter celebrates her 6th birthday tomorrow and we held a party for her over the weekend. 
The 6 on our front door greeted guest as they arrived.  It was a spring break project made from a piece of cardboard, some hot glue and lots of coffee filters.

I had some snacks out for the kids, popcorn and pretzel wands.  The tray had some scratch paper that  revealed colors underneath.  It was a sort of back-up for me in case the kids were bored, but I ended up sending that home with the kids in their goody bags because they were all occupied elsewhere the whole time.

More fun things for the kids ...
I ended up having to rearrange my living room in order to accomodate everyone.

We needed the space for a magician!

We had lunch on the patio.  It was tight with over 15 kids, but we made it work.  We were really lucky to have a warm, beautiful day to spread out outside because we had a pretty packed house full of guests.

We've had a strangely warm spring, so the gardens around the house looked so much better than they normally do this time of year. 

After magic and balloon animals, the kids had lunch outside.
(Huge thank you to my wonderful friend Jeni who got some wonderful pictures including this one while I was busy entertaining.)

Then, it was time for cake!
Goody bags were distributed and the party winded down.

It was a great day.  Everyone had a wonderful time and the birthday girl couldn't have been happier!



  1. Wonderful party! And what a wonderful blog too, Melanie!
    Kisses to you and to Zoe from Venice -Italy

  2. Those are amazing decorations. Happy late b-day Zoe!

  3. what a great party!!! did a super job.
    Happy Birthday to your lil one,

  4. Happy belated 6th birthday to your sweet little Zoe!What a wonderful party, looks like the best day ever for the birthday girl..a special day to remember.

    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  5. Your daughter is so pretty! And she looks very happy with her splendid birthday party. Happy Belated birthday, Zoe!


  6. Happy Birthday, Zoe! The decorations and theme were awesome!


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