Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lucketts - May 2012

I went to Lucketts today with my friend Nisha to see what was new.  The last time I was there was February, and I knew that there would be much to see since then.
Good stuff indeed!  On their porch I admired this old stove ...

... and fridge.  It would be fun to have a home to have functional items like these.

My friend Nisha accompanied me and she found this fabulous suitcase that was in incredible condition.  The satin inside was like new and it even still had the original key!  She is a pin-up model so she will certainly get some use out of this.

Lots of bird items for spring ...

We couldn't tell if the transferware here was purple or blue, but I think it was blue reflecting purple off the items around it.  The little creamer with the purple flowers nearly came home with me, but I restrained myself.  So many dishes ... so little space.

Silver teapot and creamer ... love!

I tried to squeeze myself into the black top on the right to no avail.  I've decided that these things were made for children rather than adult women.
 My one and only Lucketts purchase of the day ... The vintage 60s bronze shoes.  So pretty and comfy!

Simple but good advice ...
 Loved this, but I've sworn off pillows due to lack of storage.  Covers only for me and they're surprisingly hard to come by, unfortunately.

Some garden pretty on the way to the Design House.

 Cheery yellow on a gray day. 
I have long admired ruffled tablecloths like these.  Alas, it is unlikely one will ever fit my budget.

 Love her!

Head right this way!  (Sorry.)

 I have about as much space in my garden for more plants as I do in my dining room for another dish, but I've been scheming to find a spot for knock-out roses and this is why.  So beautiful, so fragrant and so easy to care for.

Fountains on the porch ... Bubbling water - such a soothing welcome.

This is fantastic.  The red door and the black and white striped curtains.  It kinda reminds me of a circus, but in a fun way.  If only I had a porch ...

Really, really wanted one of these huge letters.  Must investigate alternative (and more affordable) means of acquiring ...

Loved so many things in this room ... The massive pendulum clock, amazing floor lamp and union jack ottomans.  Now that I look at this photo, I also love the desk chair.  Such and inspiring office space.

Pretty pale blue square bowls. 

I don't think I've ever visited Lucketts without admiring some owl art. 

Well, those are just a fraction of the photos I took at Lucketts.  On the way back, we stopped in at Beekeeper's Cottage.  I really liked these for the garden.  I just planted a veggie garden in front of my house and these would be a lot prettier than your average tomato cage supports.

This photo doesn't do it justice, but this wedding dress was really pretty in its simplicity and I nearly brought it home with me for Grace.

That's it for Lucketts.  They will be closed for the summer so my next big adventure will take me back to the Big Flea in July.  Who knows what I'll find between now and then?


  1. This was so much fun Melanie. Thanks for all the great photos of your outing with Nisha!!!! I loved so many things I would love to have too.

  2. WOW! What a gem. My eyes would be darting all over finding treasures!


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