Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Main Bathroom Decisions

So, we have decided on a few things for our main bath remodel. Oh, how I hate the salmony pink sink, toilet and tub. I've lived with them for 5 years and cannot wait to see them go!

The sink ... Simple, classic and most importantly, it will fit.

This faucet ...

This tile - 12x12 Grecian White Marble - for the floor ...

The toilet we chose was one that fit rather than one we wanted. I would have loved the one that matched the sink, but it would not have fit. We got a standard elongated toilet. Nothing exciting.

We're hiring someone to do the floor and they will also install the new toilet. After that, Mr. T will install the sink. The last thing will be reglazing the pink tub. The tile installer called the day after I placed the order to schedule installation. I guess they are not so busy with the economy being what it is. However, I have no toilet for them to install yet!

I'll post pictures once we have some progress!


  1. My favorite part is the marble floor. Lucky girl!

  2. love it! completely my style. Marble with 1930s style fixtures and fittings.


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