Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday Gardening ...

First, a little tour of a few things in bloom in my garden.
I NEVER buy pansies, but couldn't resist these thanks to these beautiful pictures.

Grape Hyacinths ...

This Heather surprised me when I saw it on Sunday. It has never done well because it was in too much shade. We had a dying tree cut down and all of a sudden it seems to be blooming better.

My Eunymous has new growth as well (see the color on the outer leaves?) as a result of the extra sunlight.

Creeping Jenny is coming to life with its intense color. I remember staring at this in the nursery and a woman told me that its beautiful in the moonlight. "It glows!" she said. So, I bought it. Its a beautiful groundcover that's tough and great if you need color in a shady, dim space, but its invasive and has to be kept under control or it will take over.

Hyacinths coming up slowly but surely. That pot is Rosemary that I've had for a couple of years. I expected it to die in the winter but it never did. I'm planning to create a dedicated herb garden this year and the Rosemary will be right in the center. Its a survivor and deserves to be the centerpiece at this point after so much neglect. I realized this winter that Basil is really expensive but growing it is so simple and MUCH less expensive. I'm hoping to grow enough Basil this summer to have pesto for the winter. I really have to clean the leaves out of there. One more thing for the "to-do" list.

So along with picking up staples for my dining room chairs that sit unfinished, at Home Depot, I went to the garden center since it seemed they finally got in some plants. They had rhododendrons which I've been meaning to buy for a couple of years so I finally got a couple along with soil and mulch and headed home for a busy day of gardening. I've mentioned before that being pregnant and having a newborn the past couple of years kept me from my garden. This year, I have a lot to do!

I hate this chain link fence and am on a constant quest to cover it. Hopefully, it will be hidden completely one day.

Our yard was a mess when we moved in. Nothing but bare ground covered with fallen leaves. One day I'll have to take before/after pictures. I've gradually been carving out more and more space to garden and its taken time. Its hard to see, but there are now paths around this area into the woods and the hostas are coming up around the newly planted rhododendron. This area is very lush with foliage in the summer.

Now this might not look like much, but its a lot of work creating a new bed. Mr. T found that little stick of a maple tree and has been determined to save it for a couple of years. He finally planted it here and we decided to do more than just have the stick in the ground. The two forsythias weren't doing well in our shady yard so we decided to plant them on either side. Hopefully, they will flower better in the coming years once they get some sun and are established. I didn't put down mulch yet because I haven't finished planting there. It is also likely that we will have to make the bed bigger and remove more grass.

These are one of my favorite flowers and I'm so glad I have a place to plant them. They smell heavenly! I will plant these in front of the tree and forsythia.

I also found these lilies that bloom at a different time than the Stargazer lilies so I should have lilies all summer. The scent is going to be a nice greeting in the front yard.

The more warm weather we have, the more I'm drawn outside. My garden is truly my passion. I'll be neglecting the inside of my home in no time. Along with what I've shown above, I moved several large hostas but they are just barely coming up and don't look like much just yet. I was exhausted!


  1. I love this flowers;
    certainly rejoice my day
    tks Dolly

  2. Your new bed in the front is going to be lovely when you get it all planted! Lillies are greaty because each you can divide them so they're a good investment (you probably already know that)! I wish I could grow rhododendron! I had a huge huge one in my backyard in New Jersey but they really don't do well in Georgia.


  3. Your beautiful photos of flowers intrigued me and then when I scrolled down and saw your pictures of Paris you had me hooked. Hope you'll stop by and visit me.

  4. I need to do some major cleaning and readying in my front beds--you're inspiring me! Maybe you could come to my house and help me figure it all out...;-)


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