Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Busy Saturday ...

Our weekend was dominated by this innocent looking item.

Oh, yes. The potty. The Wild One will be 3 in April. I think we've avoided it long enough and she's off from school for a couple of weeks so we decided to go for it. We tried a couple of months ago and it was a disasterous failure. This time, she did pretty well, but it certainly involved all of our time between one of us dealing with the training and accident clean-up and the other running interference with the Happy Girl who wants to be in the middle of it all.

Nevertheless, I managed to RUN to the fabric store to get new fabric to cover my dining room chairs. The current fabric is a red and white floral that matched how my dining room was before.

I plan to paint the table and chairs to match my sideboard this summer. I had planned to cover the chairs with a blue damask, but only had enough for 5 chairs and I have 6. I couldn't get more of the same fabric. So, the other day I saw another fabric that I really liked but wanted to think about it. I decided that I preferred the less feminine stripe to the damask. Also, the blues and greens in the stripe seem more interesting and versatile.

So, I got my staple gun out ready to staple away!

... until I ran out of staples on chair #4! So, Sunday I go to Home Depot, get staples and come home ready to continue. I was so careful picking the right size and I still got the wrong staples!!Now I have to wait until Tuesday to go exchange the staples and I so hope they have the ones I need. Is this just not meant to be?

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  1. Oh!! I remember that innocent looking item!
    It all seems like just yesterday how i potty trianed my kids. My son is now about to get his driver's license and my daughter is about to graduate from her middle school...
    That innocent looking item brings tears to my eyes, Melanie!!


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