Sunday, April 5, 2009

Busy weekend and Hyacinth

Its been a rough weekend. I sat in so much Cherry Blossom traffic yesterday just trying to take the Wild One to a Dora show as an early birthday present. Even though I left early and gave myself plenty of time, we barely made it. As much as she likes Dora, she didn't even seem to like the show as much as I'd hoped so all the effort seemed pointless. We left early only to sit in more traffic trying to get out of the city. (I am a serious plant lover, but I really don't see the point of sitting in traffic to see trees among crowds of tourists (who actually damage the trees by compacting the soil where they walk) when there are equally beautiful trees in bloom everywhere.)

I arrived home to a cranky toddler refusing to nap. Mr. T must have taken pity on me and watched the little ones while I escaped for a short while to my garden. My hyacynths had flopped over (probably due to a thunderstorm earlier in the week) so I brought a few inside. Their beauty and scent brings a bit of serenity to the chaos.

So last night, I had a funny dream that I was going to the Oscars and my white dress wasn't what I thought it would be. I quickly ran out and found a pink dress but it wasn't right. I turned my back for a second and when I turned back, the pink dress was gone. I woke up still not having found a dress. Why is this dream funny? Well, because I think its about our bathroom remodel problems.

We've been having a problem finding a toilet that fits. I ordered one online and it arrived in a million pieces on Friday. Mr. T had to drag the 2 massive boxes back to UPS to have them returned. I'm afraid to buy another one only for it to meet the same fate, so today, Mr. T is on the hunt for the elusive toilet. If he fails in his mission, we will have to cross our fingers, order another online and pray that it arrives in time for the installers. Oh, and we're searching for a white toilet (the white dress?). Our old one is pink (the pink dress?).


  1. So sorry about your toilet. We are in the same position with re do in our bath. Every time we turn around there's a new fiasco.
    I sent a blog award your way if you choose to accept it. Thanks for all of your inspiration.

  2. Good luck with your hunt for the right toilet. Isn't that funny the way our dream life can reflect what's going on in our real life?


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