Monday, May 4, 2009

A beautiful weekend ...

On Saturday, I had a haircut appointment at Red Door Spa. It is a bit extravagant, but I get my hair cut only twice a year at most and I have curly hair that I don't trust just anyone with. I ended up leaving early to run errands so Mr. T told me to just take the day to do what I wanted and he would stay with the girls. Great!

Before my appointment, I went to this little shop that I'd been meaning to go to for a while called The Nest Egg
and got this cute little guy for myself.

Its a little cocktail napkin holder. I thought it would be nice to have since we use so many napkins cleaning up messy girls during meals. It has a little bird on top to hold the napkins from blowing away outside. Here's the shop ...
(Sorry, the picture got a little cut off.)

As you can imagine, they had several "bird" items and a million other great things. They also had amazing furniture. The furniture was $$$$, but it all had great chippy finishes and one china cabinet in particular that caught my eye was a great sagey green with seeded glass. Beautiful!

So, I thought the napkin holder would be a nice compliment to the ever popular Target bird salt and pepper shakers.

I went to get gas and lunch and came across a Pier One. I haven't been in that store in ages so I decided to stop and was surprised by all that they had and some of it at good prices. I really wanted a white vase they had, but instead I got these two little crowns on clearance. Less than $6 for both.

After that, I went to buy some mulch and compost and bought a TON at the nursery hoping I could spend Sunday planting, but like my previous post mentioned, it poured all day. I have the plants now though so hopefully I can put them in when I have time this week. I have quite a lot to do in the garden.

My haircut turned out great and I got a complimentary make-up done that was a fun unexpected treat. I ended up splurging on some new cosmetics since I needed them anyway. When I got home, I went out to play with my girls for a while before having dinner. Somehow its become tradition that Mr. T makes chicken fajitas on Kentucky Derby day every year and we watch the race. Its usually accompanied by margaritas, but I forgot to buy tequila! Overall, it was a really great day.

Oh, and our pedestal sink is going to be installed today so I'll be posting pictures soon.


  1. That bird napkin holder is so cute! I like the target birds too!

  2. Sounds like a really perfect day. YOur bird napkin holder is just gorgeous. Love the cake stand also. The crowns are so sweet. Pier 1 has really changed a lot of it's inventory and the prices do seem pretty good. Great shopping. Hugs, Marty

  3. i would have chosen every single item you did:) i love all of these!


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