Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The most beautiful place ...

What is the most beautiful place you've ever been? For me, this is it ...

6 years ago, Mr. T and I went to Glacier National Park in Montana. We backpacked (the only way to get there) about 8 miles to this spot in near 100 degree heat. I thought I would die out there either from the heat, the pain in my bad back and feet from carrying an extra 40ish pounds or just be eaten by a bear. After arriving and some rest, I took this picture. The picture just can't convey how incredible this place was. So serene, tranquil and unspoiled.

We realized that I was in no condition to continue and went back the next day instead of going on as planned. We always regretted that but my back problems are a limitation I can't deny. I suffered on the way back as well and still find it incredible that anyone can handle the foot pain with backpacking. I was limping for days! And, poor Mr. T. That's him filtering water in the picture. Unfortunately, he contracted a parasite despite our precautions with the water. I was luckily unaffected.

Anyway, to this day, I still feel honored that I was able to see that place and to have a picture of it.


  1. Lovely spot! We often go to Waterton Park which is across the border in Canada from Glacier..love it there...we usually take a trip over to Glacier. too.


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