Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dining Room Sneak Peek

So, I painted all the chairs and I decided to go for it with the stain. When I applied it, it made the chairs darker than the sideboard. Not good. So, I went for my sandpaper. It took off some of the stain and some of the paint. Better! I thought it was streaky because of how I applied the stain or sanded, but as I continued, I realized that its the wood grain coming through just like on the sideboard. It just looks different because its not the same type of wood. Not a perfect match, but pretty good considering what I started with if you ask me.

I just about finished the chairs yesterday. Girls down for a nap, I moved on to the table and was happily making slow progress with the sanding when all of a sudden the sander died on me. Its a brand new sander and based on the reviews, was supposed to be great for refinishing and its died on me after only a little bit of sanding!?!?!?!? I checked the manual and I didn't do anything wrong. I thought maybe it overheated, but it hasn't come back on so I think maybe not. Now, I'll likely have to wait until my mom comes to visit and brings dad's belt sander. So disappointed!


  1. Your chairs look gorgeous! While not the exact same as the sideboard, I think they make a good set together. Your dining room is shaping to be a lovely place.

    Too bad about the sander. Isn't it just so horrible when brand new things just die on you?

  2. The chairs are looking great. I really like how the finish turned out. What a bummer about the sander. Doesn't it just make you want to scream when a brand new item goes on the blink. I can't wait to see the table and what are you using for upholstery on the seats? I am trying to talk myself into refinishing the top of my breakfast table. I just may do it. Hugs, Marty

  3. Melanie, the chairs are gorgeous. I love the painted sideboard with the natural top, very nice. Sandi


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