Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Nursery

This is my Happy Girl's room. I painted it blue before we had our girls and decided to leave it because I really loved the color. The embroidered curtains and shabby chic rug are things I added after we moved the Wild One to her new room. Happy Girl is my girly girl. Wild One is a tomboy and a more intense child (hence, her nickname) so that's I thought painting her room a violet color you can see in the previous post better fit her personality.

The chandelier was black and something my parents had for years. I painted it white and hung it in my living room a while back but moved it here. It desperately needs rewiring and I keep thinking about having it wired for ceiling mounting in my dining room. The chair was borrowed from my parents because the upholstered chair that we used in there we still needed for bedtime stories with the Wild One. I plan to give that back since its no longer used for middle-of-the-night feedings (thank goodness!).

This is the upholstered glider that was once in the nursery and is now in our living room. These chairs cost more than the average gliders, but they are so worth the money especially if you can tie them into your decor elsewhere in the house later. I spent so many nights in that chair and I think it was about as important to have a good chair as having a crib!

I've posted before about the$10 yard sale dresser to match the crib that we bought. I also really love this trunk I got from Target when they used to do their Bazaar events. I got a different one the previous year for the Wild One.

That leads me to my project of the week ... This desk (actually I think its a vanity table) was found by my dad who used to work in sanitation in NYC. I'll bet you can imagine the treasure he would bring home having such an occupation. People throw away so much! Anyway, he stripped this table of layers and layers of paint and varnished it. I've had it for years. Its small enough that it fits in Happy Girl's small room so its hers now. I think I'm going to paint it along with the chair which belonged to Mr. T when he was young and I'm going to move them to where the glider currently sits.

This changing table was bought for the Wild One so it actually matches her natural furniture. I was not motivated enough to paint it when I was pregnant with the Happy Girl. I may paint it now after the desk is done. I also need to rearrange the baskets to hold toys and books vs. receiving blankets. The Happy Girl's receiving blanket days are far behind her! I've been thinking of sewing all the receiving blankets together and making a larger blanket I can keep in the car for when we travel. We'll see if I ever get around to that.


  1. Goodness - love the nursery! So cute.


  2. What a special room. Great job, mom.
    Love it.

  3. Darling nursery and I love the idea of sewing all the receiving blankets together to make a larger blanket! Memories preserved, blankets repurposed and all those other good things.

    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts


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