Monday, June 29, 2009

My Mannequin

She's here! I put my bargain apron on her and put her in the dining room for now. She looks ready to serve diners.

Not sure why the picture is blurry. Someday I really need to learn to use my camera properly! Anyway, I feel like she needs a name. Maybe I'll call her Grace. ;-)

I got a comment from Sandi asking what I'll be doing this week. I really should make a list because there's always something! Last week, I painted a chair and recovered the seat. I have a second chair that I haven't totally decided on whether or not I will paint, but I have fabric that I'm going to try on the seat. I also have some frames to paint and hang in my basement that I've been putting off for ages. Nothing major this week since its going to be a short week for me and I'll be going to DE for the holiday weekend for some beach fun with my family. Oh, and you're right Sandi ... I try to avoid waste with paint. I have so much paint from all the projects I've done that if I can avoid buying more paint, I try to work with what I have!


  1. I am having a struggle with my camera too! I love Grace, the name fits perfectly.

  2. That is really sweet.

    Barbara Jean

  3. Have a fun time in DE with the family. I like the name Grace for your lady...Have a happy 4th. Sandi

  4. love your new mannequin and Grace is a great name for her....but I love your re do table in the post below...great job....
    Mo :-)


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