Friday, July 17, 2009

White(ish) Bedroom

I painted my bedroom (yes, again).

Mr. T didn't really care what I did, but he admitted that he didn't like it white so I painted it this sandy color. I can live with it. Most people say that bright white has a hospital-look to it but I don't think that.

Anyway, the room was never truly finished. I never did that last coat the trim needed. I also finally did the closet doors (which took as long to paint as the entire room!). These doors are so boring and I found myself thinking to my search for hardware for my corner cabinet. I came across mercury glass pulls that were too big for the cabinet, but might be perfect for these closet doors. Maybe it will add a little something to such boring doors.

I also filled holes, painted the curtain rods and hung them higher. My lace curtains are still too long, but I just don't want to shorten them, so I will let them pool on the floor.

Farewell white ... and ugly greyish doors!

I've been busy cleaning today and tonight I'm going to see Harry Potter. Back to the Office project this weekend. I'm going to beg Mr. T to finish up the shelves so I can finish organizing. Sounds like both monkeys just woke up ... Have a good weekend!


  1. It's beautiful and it just looks like it smells like fresh laundry - so clean. I love it!

  2. It is beautiful and looks fresh. Love the soft color. Sandi

  3. VERY VERY VERY nice! Great job. I've painted our bedroom 3 times. I believe it's due! lol.
    -Shannon in Austin


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