Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Mirror Makeover

I've posted a few times about my Happy Girl's yard sale dresser. However, the dresser came with this matching mirror (minus the glass). Its been hanging here in the hall for 5 years and sometimes when I walk by I think of how I really need to do something with it. Paint, or something! And, its too high. Need to lower it. (Again, sorry about the weird lighting and my lack of camera skills.)

So yesterday morning, I took the mirror outside and quickly sprayed it cream with leftover spray paint from the dining room table project. I didn't care about covering it completely. I just wanted it lighter for the next step. Little girls sleeping, I sat out on my patio and covered the entire mirror with shells and one of my starfish!

I'm going to leave it where it is for now, but I think I may actually hang it on my patio. There is a section of brick wall on my patio that that I've always wanted to brighten up. I think the mirror might work there and the shells seem appropriate for an outdoor space .

I know this looks like it took forever, but like all my other projects I did it while my girls were napping. All those shells took less than 2 hours to glue on.

This project wasn't supposed to happen today. I had planned to paint some frames, but couldn't find the crackel medium in my mess of stuff. I'm wondering if I even have it anymore. I think I may just have to paint and distress instead ... but that's a project for next week!

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(P.S. I usually schedule posts a day ahead and lately, my scheduled posts have not been posting until I come back and post them myself. Anyone else having this problem?)


  1. Love the mirror! You did a great job!

  2. Love your mirror makeover! What a transformation.

  3. Wow!
    You did an amazing job,Melanie!!!
    I also want to steal the idea of how you displayed an apron on a mannequin! I LOVE it!
    I got to find a mannequin!

  4. I love the mirror! You did an awesome job. I had the same problem with a post I had scheduled a few days ago. I usually just post them as I finish them, so that's the only one I did that way. But, it must be a problem within the site. I thought it was just me.

  5. CUTE!

    -I did have one of my posts (1 of 3) -while I was on vacation- not post by itself. My big problem with blogger right now is that it automatically starts typing in TAMIL and I cannot change it to an english font. I wonder if that is a virus or if others have that problem?

  6. I love it! It looks Fabulous! What a great idea and such and Awesome transformation! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Looks awesome! I can't believe you did that during just one naptime!

  8.!! It is gorgeous! I have been wanting to do this for so long, but I keep making excuses and putting it off. Your mirror might be just the motivation I needed! :) It's beautiful!

    ~Karla @ It's The Little Things...

  9. beautiful mirror! I can picture it outside, right over there, next to by big old windows....oh wait, you were talking about putting it outside YOUR house. lol

  10. Absolutely beautiful! Love the transformation!

  11. Melanie - I love it! Beautiful job!

  12. Absolutly gorgeous! What kind of adhesive did you use?

    PS: If this is what results from a naptime, I HAVE GOT to get my baby-girl to start napping!

  13. Brakes and Gas,
    Adhesive = LOTS of hot glue! I buy them in the dollar store.

    Yes, having napping babies is key. I got absolutely nothing done the first year my girls were small because they were unreliable nappers. Now, they both nap at the same time and its wonderful!

  14. Gorgeous!! I've always loved the look of these mirrors and have been thinking of doing one too. I'm glad you said it didn't take you long because it seems like it would! It's just beautiful!


  15. Beautiful!!
    did you say you used a glue gun?? or did I just think that in my own mind?
    I also like how fast the project came in for you! :)

    With Kindness,

  16. Hey Melanie! I'm loving getting to know stuff about you that i never did! you are absolutely talented. Very handy! I'm loving everything i'm seeing! Good job! Cin


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