Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bathroom Remodeling

We got the floors done in both of our bathrooms last week and I'm so happy with them. The plan was to work on our main bath and wait until next year to replace the counter in our half bath. Its functional, but with all the ugly PVC pipes underneath, its not exactly attractive and there is zero storage space so we have a wicker chest for storage at the moment.

There no room for a vanity due to the placement of air vents so the plan was to put in a pedestal sink and purchase a corner cabinet. Well, the sink we bought for the main bath is WAY too big. After discovering this, we had to buy a different sink for our main bath but the larger sink will be perfect for the half bath. We're going to focus on the main bath right now because we've discovered that installing the pedestal sinks involves quite a bit of work and isn't inexpenive if we hire it out but I thought I'd share the new tile in the half-bath ...

I want to paint the half bath a lighter shade also. In the meantime, I decided to hang one of my Paris pictures above the toilet. (I know the picture is crooked and off-center. Haven't had a chance to fix it.)

The main bath has a marble floor now with grey veining. We have white wainscotting and I like the grey in the tile so much, I'm going to pain the walls above grey. You'll have to wait for pictures of that bath until its done. Hopefully, it won't be too long before I can share progress. I'm off to Delaware again today. So much driving!


  1. Looks wonderful....The Paris picture is very inspiring as greys are becoming very popular...Love Tiina...

  2. Grey is my new favorite neutral color - can't wait to see your bathroom. It sounds awesome.

  3. It turned out really beautifully!! OK, I have the same challenge, our powder room toilet is off center on the wall. So do you hang the frame centered with the toilet, or the wall?

  4. Your bathroom looks very cozy and high-class. I love the Paris picture, I think it adds a nice little touch!

  5. So glad to see those absolutely awesome pics of Paris up! What a photographer lady! Love the color of tile too. As your taste in paint color changes, you will be able to coordinate almost anything to the tile. Great choice!

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